In Memory

Robert Chittick

Robert Chittick

Bob was killed in a motorcycle accident on Parker Farms Road shortly after graduation.

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02/14/09 09:32 AM #1    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)


03/12/09 02:38 PM #2    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

David Chittick has been added as a guest member and now has access to post in memory of his brother.
Thanks for joining us David!

03/12/09 07:00 PM #3    

David Chittick

Last sunday morning, the sunshine felt like rain.
Week before, they all seemed the same.
With the help of God and true friends, I've come to realize
I still had two strong legs, and even wings to fly.

And oh i, aint wastin time no more
cause time goes by like hurricanes, and faster things.

Lord, lord miss sally, why all your cryin?
Been around here three long days, youre lookin like youre dyin.
Just step yourself outside, and look up at the stars above
Go on downtown baby, find somebody to love.

Meanwhile I aint wastin time no more
cause time goes by like pouring rain, and much faster things.

You dont need no gypsy to tell you why
You cant let one precious day slip by.
Look inside yourself, and if you dont see what you want,
Maybe sometimes then you dont,
But leave your mind alone and just get high.

Well by and by, way after many years have gone,
And all the war freaks die off, leavin us alone.
We'll raise our children in the peaceful way we can,
Its up to you and me brother
To try and try again.

Well, hear us now, we aint wastin time no more
cause time goes by like hurricanes
Runnin after subway trains
Dont forget the pouring rain.

03/12/09 07:07 PM #4    

David Chittick

I'd like to thank you all for remembering my brother...It means more than I can put into words.

And thank you, Tom Alessi, for sending me the link to this site!

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