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03/07/09 06:49 PM #16    

Debra Sireno (Doll)

Jane and Pete, thanks for a great night! Your home is beautiful and we had a blast! I never imagined that planning a reunion might actually be more fun than the reunion itself....
Disco Joe will live forever!!!!!!!

03/08/09 09:42 AM #17    

Robert Mooney

Love the site..........I am really looking forward to seeing everyone, Thanks Pete and Jane for being so great during the benefit, I would love to try and make a meeting but not sure, Sue your doing a fantastic job on the site.........Stay safe everyone

03/08/09 09:08 PM #18    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Hey Bob-
Thanks! That would be great if you had a chance to get to one of the meetings, we'll keep the dates posted for everyone to see and if you can make one that would be fun! Look forward to seeing you soon.

03/09/09 08:43 PM #19    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Hey Guys-

Looks like you had a great time at the meeting - I would be happy to host a meeting at my house - 17 Broadmeadow Rd (Fieldstone Farm) in Wallingford - I can do the next one if you want a break Jane or the one in May - Let me know

Liz Rascati Landow

03/11/09 10:18 AM #20    

Harry LaClair

Kind of a PITA living here in Texas. I sure would like to see ya'll again, it's been a long time. My family and I are moving to Germany in June, but I'll do my best to return for the reunion. Kim Emerling's making plans to come over for the Oktoberfest, so mayhaps a few others of yins can make it over also, eh? Kind of like a pre-reunion reunion. It's nice to have a website where this is all coordinated. I look forward to seeing all ya'll again.

Harry LaClair presently of San Angelo TX

03/11/09 11:10 PM #21    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

It's great to see you on the site, I bet you haven't changed a bit! Can't believe your moving off to Germany- you'll have to fill us in on your details. Oktoberfest sounds like a fun time! wouldnt it be great if some mates could join to see you at the reunion if you can make it!

03/14/09 04:39 PM #22    

Patricia Werner (Werner-Els)

Hey Guys!

Any chance that a reunion "meeting" can be held on a weekend? Then maybe those of us from out of town could attend the "meeting"?

Would love to see you all!


03/15/09 11:47 PM #23    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Sounds like a good idea, we'll work on it!

03/15/09 11:48 PM #24    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Great time last night at Jakes!
Beth you have an awesome band!

03/19/09 03:42 PM #25    

Nicholas Murano


03/19/09 08:28 PM #26    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Thanks for the info. How sad...
When did that happen?

03/23/09 05:23 PM #27    

Kenneth Chichester

Hey everyone just heard about the reunion 30 yrs already oy vey hope to see you all there stay well.

03/23/09 08:46 PM #28    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Hi Ken Chichester-
Great to see you on the site!!! The email address you have is not allowing us to email you, they are being blocked- might be a work email that has restrictions....
if you have a different one you'd like to use just change it on your profile. Thanks- talk to you soon :)

03/27/09 10:11 PM #29    

Jane Thurston (Malone)

Great "theme" song on the home page. Happy Idiots.... Does anyone still have their t-shirt? (LOL)


This site has everyone interested.... You're doing a great job!

Jane Thurston Malone

03/28/09 10:22 PM #30    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Hi Jane-
thanks to Nancy Kobrin for giving me the music idea! I bet she still has the t-shirt! LOL

03/29/09 10:45 AM #31    

Elizabeth Rascati (Landow)

Hey All-
Next Meeting
Friday April 3rd
Liz Rascati Landows House
17 Broadmeadow Rd
(In Fieldstone Farm - off of Grieb Rd)
Call if you need dirctions - it's a fairly new development and not on all gps or mapquest!
Can't wait to see everyone -

03/30/09 12:12 PM #32    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

John Fitzgerald- hi there- The email address you have is not allowing us to email you, they are being blocked- might be a work email that has restrictions....
if you have a different one you'd like to use just change it on your profile. Thanks- talk to you soon :)

04/01/09 01:40 PM #33    


Robin Short

I just read that Lisa Doehr had passed away does anyone know how she died & when? Sue I meant to tell you great job on the website.

Robin Short

04/01/09 04:11 PM #34    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

I was told that she passed away in 2007 of breast cancer.
There are 2 areas of in memory- one is the photo show and the other is on the top tabs and it is named 'In Memory'.
In that area you can click on the persons name and if I have information about the person I will add it there.

04/03/09 06:54 AM #35    

Debra Sireno (Doll)

Hi everyone! I cant make the meeting tonight, hosting a retirement party for a co worker at George's II!!! Hope I dont miss too much fun...See you all at the next meeting...Happy Spring!!!! Debbie

04/04/09 01:21 AM #36    

Jane Thurston (Malone)


Thanks for hosting the reunion meeting tonight! It was great to get together, once again, with the classmates of 1979!

Even though my husband didn't do anything, he was grateful for the full fridge of beer! Greg was a trooper, and Terri is definitely our adopted classmate! Thanks again! We look forward to the next meeting!

Sue, your website is outstanding....Veronica, we can't wait to review the "minutes"....

Jane Thurston Malone

04/04/09 10:37 AM #37    

Beth Allen (Byrd)

Ok, in defense of our wine steward, Pete, I must say I didn't do anything at the meeting last night either! I learned a lot though:

1. Pete taught me how to create a "forced breathing" of my wine by tossing the wine (literally) back and forth between two glasses. Ideally, the wine ends up IN the wine glass. Perfect solution for the impatient wine enthusiast!

2. Some husbands cook? That was totally news to me. Lucky you, Karen!

3. The best way to make guests feel comfortable in your home is to smash a wine glass on the floor early in the evening. This creates an "anything goes" atmosphere for your guests and allows everyone to let down their guard. Thanks for that one, Liz! (Sorry about the hole in your ceiling!) J/K

Thanks to Liz for hosting us in her beautiful home. These meetings are proving to be WAY too much fun. I think we're looking into Saturday May 9th at the Wallingford winery for the next one. YAY!

04/04/09 01:31 PM #38    

Sue Oertel (Castelli)

Well .... I think Beth summed that up perfectly! and add to that the need for a loud voice (thank you Joe:)) to occasionally holler "OK .... back to the meeting"
and actually we accomplished a bit- please check out the Reunion Details link for updated info.

also, i wish there was a way to spell check on this forum but i dont see in the words of Dave Barkasy "we went to sheehan , what do you expect"
and, if you find that you entered something you really did not want out there, let me know and i can edit it for you.

04/04/09 05:59 PM #39    

Veronica Zemke (Kastukevich)

Hey reunion committee members-- (and Peter and Greg)
Linn's idea to have the May meeting at Gouveia's Winery
was a good one-but I called them today and they are only open until 8pm Monday thur Saturday and 6pm on Sundays?
We begin our meetings at 7pm? Any thoughts?
and yes, we are getting very, very comfortable around one another again after 30 years- so the meetings are now crazy. Joe----control? Maybe a gravel at the next meeting? Anyone want to volunteer for the May meeting? We had agreed on Saturday, May 9?

04/05/09 01:10 AM #40    

Marcia Hansen

Thank you for sending a letter to my parent's house to find me! I am now living in South Carolina and look forward to getting together with everyone in November for the reunion.
Moving to the South has also been a coming home for me also. I work for a wonderful doctor and have a wonderful staff. I have job security that I never thought I would ever have. I am truly blessed!
I'm getting married October 2, 2009 so I will be attending with my new husband! Life can begin again! Yeah for second chances!

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